A belated thank you. The linens arrived and are more beautiful than I ever imagined. Thank you.


Dear Tricia, 
I have been using my new Orkney duvet cover and shams for the last two nights and I just want to share with you how much I absolutely love them.  They feel so great against my skin and the look so fabulous. And I know they will only get better with age.The problem is, now I never want to get out of bed!
I'm saving up for a bed skirt and sheet.
Thank you so much for loving linen the way I do and for making this great product.

I just washed my new linen sheets from Rough Linen Duvet Covers. If you have never slept in linen sheets, it is like a dream.
Thanks so much Tricia! The linen arrived safely, and is gorgeous... I am saving for another set ;-) Thank you again, keep up the good work
Sleeping on real flax linen is like nothing else. It wicks away moisture and keeps an even temperature. Your sheets are never cold (which is great in winter) and never get super hot if you’re lying in one place too long. And cozy–oh my god.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful linen with us, l just want to crawl into those fantastic doonas and have peaceful dreams
I am reaching the conclusion that I have to buy myself a bedful of your lovely sheets.... perhaps an early Christmas present.... or maybe an early Fall present.... of course there is Hallowe'en and I could hide all snugly under sheets and a duvet... ;)
Tricia, your linen is gorgeous! I finally caved and decided to splurge on one pillow case, just to see what I thought. Well, the verdict is....it's AMAZING! So now, I am saving to purchase your sheets and duvet, (and another pillow case, of course!) My question is, what is the suggested care of these products. Do you recommend that they not go in the dryer? I'll be ordering again very soon. Oh, and the sample of lavender scented linen laundry soap almost sent me though the roof. The smell is simply incredible! So glad to have found you!
Incredible products!! Enjoyed the videos - especially bed making and duvet "stuffing"! I love the raw edge and love a long drape as is shown on your site. I have an antique oval table that is 45 inches by 76 inches. What size table cloth would you suggest? .
I am a interior designer and have been looking for a simple linen sheet instread of a duvet cover. Your linens look lovely
Very excited to see an artist such as yourself making beautiful useful items from natural linen. How fortunate for the rest of us that you merged your sentimental discovery of your grandmothers linen with your craft... inspirational and beautiful.
Don't you just love people who get excited about stuff and who make special yet simple things. I feel exhausted reading about this amazing person...ha I need to curl up in that amazing bedding.
First and foremost, the people you present on your website, especially Richard and Bridget have the most AMAZING homes. I have been sending friends and co-worker, and yes especially family (I have 6 sisters) to your site to view your "community" spotlight.
My new Smooth Linen Sheets
Love them! These replaced our previous set of Italian linen sheets bought from a major catalog company, which only lasted a few years (what a disappointment). I had wondered about your shipping charge for a couple of sheets, until I received the package and realized how very much more substantial these sheets are than our previous set -- there is no comparison. Really appreciate the extra depth all the way around, too, which makes making the bed so easy; they haven't come untucked once (we had paid an upcharge for extra depth on our previous set and still had issues with the sheets pulling out).

Also, speaking as a seamstress, the stitch quality is excellent, and they are laundering nicely. I have already shared the sample card with others (we have been singing the praises of sleeping on linen for years). So nice to purchase items on-line that are everything one hopes!

Very truly yours,


I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! Am awaiting the arrival of my smooth white linen set. Thank you Remodelista! for posting the sale! I wear linen and love linen sheets and now I will have my antique iron bed with the blue peely paint adorned with LINEN. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!
you're my hero
Hi Tricia;
Just to let you know that I LOVE your linen. I already have the Restoration Hardware stonewashed linen set, but I can't sleep on them--they're too rough, regardless of how often I wash them (maybe because they're stonewashed?).

Anyway, since I really wanted linen bedding, I took the chance and purchased one of your smooth linen sheets, to see if yours were different. Holy Cow--are they ever! With only ONE washing it's amazing. I can't get over how comfy and soft it is. Now I have to stock up on your stuff!

By the way, I featured your lovely house and some of your linens on my blog I'd rather be living in Bora Bora.

thanks again

you're cooler than the other side of the pillow! love your stuff!
Beauty in simplicity, colour, weave and texture, just stunning.
If I could afford it I would have Tricia come to Missouri and begin by upholstering my walls and go from there. My bed is "linenized by Tricia" and is heaven on earth. Your linens are good memories from our past and the promise of many restful nights for our future.
Absolutely gorgeous.................
Your product looks AMAZING! I am looking at another collection but think I like the texture of yours better - I especially like your story so I'd rather support your business
The photos are so beautiful and show exactly what a bedroom should be -- serene, comforting and quietly elegant!
I'm very tardy in thanking you, but I wanted to thank you for the very quick shipping and delivery of my first order. I'd read the comments on the site so I knew to expect beautiful items and they are! The quality of the workmanship is absolutely wonderful.
I'm looking forward to ordering more items in the future and I'm so happy to have found your website.
I simply love linen,I'm continually searching although now it seems my search could be over,yours looks gorgeous.
I LOVE your linens, designs and aesthetics. My best to you! Since, I first saw the Orkney duvet, I have been obsessed in figuring out how I can budget for it. I have to have it. My best to you!
I love my Linens from Trish. I started off with one sheet, and now my bed will be complete after I order my bed skirt., My husband also loves sleeping in these sheets. The most luxurious sheets ever!
Your craft is absolutely beautiful! I also love the aged driftwood bed headboard!
Iwanted to say thanks for sending me a fabric sampler, your new Orkney white linen looks great, I love the warm white tone of it, even harder to decide what I want now!
Got a king size bed for the first time and I want to get nice bedding from the start. I think I may have come to the right place!
lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve your stuff
I'm loving reading all about you. We are kindred spirits and I love the pix of you sewing on your porch with such a lovely view of the water. I love the vids, the linen looks delicious...
Love your story, website, and photos.
oh my you have tickled me with your funny photos, you creative soul. i have eyed your duvets for a few years. i was curious to see the orkney fabric. happy to have it sent or drop by.
I am amazed!! Everything looks lovely and I can't wait to feel the fabrics and place my order!! Shared with my mother already.
Looooooove your products - I can tell that you love linen and you love making beautiful things out of it.
You were my choice for the best business this year. Love your products, your pictures- I can feel the softness and luxury of your products even though I can't touch them. Yet..
I have always loved naturals and love the look and feel of linen ,wishing you great success...
Dear Tricia,
My 'Bed Makeover' arrived yesterday and I am in heaven. I intentionally woke up extra early this morning, just so I could consciously enjoy the simple wonder of my bedding. Your work is beautiful. I am thrilled.
XO, Rita
The tablecloth arrived at 10:22 am. It's gorgeous. Your workmanship, the details, are drop-dead fantastic. The table is set, and it looks so beautiful.
A million thanks

Wow Tricia, that was fast. The duvet was here when I got home late on Saturday.
Clean white sheets and the new duvet cover made for a great sleep Sunday night.Simple luxury is exactly right. My favorite definition of luxury is having very little and having it all work for you.

Thank you for your work.

Dear Tricia
You really should rename your linen to "sought"(pronounced soft- isn't the English language wonderful!) linen.  It's wonderful and the hand is so soft and inviting in spite of its rough natural appearance.  So happy I found you and your products. Just watched the video on making linen.  A way of life that we need to nurture.

Merry Christmas!

Hi Tricia,
The duvets and pillows we received are beautiful! Is there any chance I could get a
full size duvet and shams made in the solid white linen? Best,

Hi, Tricia
They came yesterday. And as soon as I have finished my coffee and the NY Times, they will be on my bed.
I love them and will be ordering more.  We are going out of town this afternoon so it will be a few days before I can decide exactly what.
Thanks a million.  I like your personal touch.



Just wanted to get back to you on the duvet covers. We went up to our client's home yesterday and placed the raw linen duvet covers~they will work. Whew (for all of us)! Hope you have a great week and thanks for your fantastic work!

I love your site, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I have desided to save all of my pennies and buy one of your duvet covers, then save again and get the sheeting, in fact can I just do an automatic payment for the rest of my life and get the curtians...


Hi Tricia

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my tablecloth


I allow myself a few luxuries in my humble life, and your smooth white linen pillow slips are my latest passion!
I can't wait to lay my head down on them tonight, what a luxurious feel to them.
I'm delighted in the generous size, my wonderful down pillows fit perfectly.
Love the design...you know I sew, but I could not equal these slips for the fabric and quality!
Thank you so much for the speedy shipping, I only just ordered them a few days ago!


Tricia....I have spent (wasted) a lot of money on tablecloths until I purchased this incredible Orkney Linen Tablecloth from you. It has the most amazing feel and drape.  I cannot wait to have Thanksgiving dinner and show off my tablecloth. Heck with the food.

I will be adding the tablecloth that layers underneath next.

Thanks for making such beautiful pieces.


I received my duvet cover and pillow slips this afternoon. I washed them and dried them by air (it was a warm evening) and have been lounging in them tonight. They are absolutely wonderful. I fell in love with linen sheets on a voyage through in Sicily last year.They were used in many of my small hotels and I was so surprised how much more I enjoyed sleeping in linen over plain cotton.  I managed to find a queen fitted sheet and two pillow cases in Italy, but no duvet cover or shams. So thank you for bringing me a little bit of Sicily here in SF! Now my bed is completely in linen and I am plum pleased. Thanks so much!

Warmest regards,

Hi Tricia,
Thank you for the curtains - we love them!

The duvet cover is magnificent - I love it and can't thank you enough. it was immediately christinend by our 5# poodle/terrier who stole a corn cob which was twice the size of him, hah. What's great, is how forgiving Rough Linen is; the color along with the texture was no less for wear. Plus, I have a husband whom I have to strategically place anything of beauty as he's like a bull in a china shop - not with this duvet cover, thank you for making such a beautiful piece of art that I get to use and enjoy with him.

Your crafstmanship and artistic abilities put FUN into Functional - this is one keepsake that I'll get to enjoy in my daily life and handdown after I'm gone (not like damn Waterford that just sits, or gets used once a year; maybe I shouldstart using it daily, hummm...

I'd love to slipcover my world with your Rough Linen!

Thanks again, ~ Deb


I wanted to thank you for the most AMAZING sheets ever! I have wanted a set of sheets for years, and my most wonderful family and friends went in together and got me a set for my birthday last month. They are beyond incredible! I just ordered two pillow slips to go along with them.

I have never slept better in my life!


SUBJECT: I'm the luckiest gal in the world

Oh, I am fairly speechless. my package arrived today and each piece is beautiful. but even before I saw my goodies I was met with your lovely lavender scent. I hope I can keep it going for a long time....

As I mentioned before, I have never really had nice linens. I wasn't even sure they existed. Well, now I know they do and in the perfect color and feel. And they will only improve with age. My sincere thanks.


Hi Trica,

I received my order this week. It's very beautiful. So much more so than the photos on the website. I attached a photo for you. It's transformed how my flat looks.

Also, my rescue baby Jack has taken a serious liking to it as well. He's been spending an unusual amount of time sleeping on it since it arrived.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend, ~ Keri

Dear Tricia,

Your linen package arrived yesterday. I am delighted by both the fabric and your workmanship, and I feel transported back to the old linens that my grandmother owned - embroidered and bleached by many a laundry day in the sun. I shall upload some photographs next week via your website. And I will certainly order more items in the future.

Thanks for keeping alive a visual and tactile experience that makes life richer.


The contents of the package are exquisite. The way it is wrapped in tissue paper and then tied together with gross grain ribbon really touched me.
Although I want to immediately put it on my bed, I also have several friends I want to show them to first. Thank you so much for a most lovely product, made with loving care.

I'm really happy to have discovered your products. I find sheets here in New Zealand are really expensive just for something ordinary. So, for just a bit more I can get your beautiful products. Even with our exchange rate! I think the fact that you don't mark up on the postage really makes it accessible for us - so, Thank you very much! Rebecca

Good Morning Tricia
I cannot tell you how much I love my linen sheets, not sure what gives me greater pleasure sleeping in them or washing them and seeing them flap dry in the sun!  I would like to order another set so that if the weather is wet and cold (as it is at the moment) I don't have to put them in the dryer in order to get them back on my bed in the same day.
Thank you for your wonderful product - I live in Brisbane Australia
regards Jo

Hello Kerry!
You should have received an automated email with tracking information, but I was just so excited that I wanted to let you know...your order is all packaged up, and is sitting by my feet. It will go out in tomorrow morning's post. The St. Barts Summer Cover looks gorgeous!!

Within minutes of receiving our linens we stripped the bed and threw them on! I'm in love--so gorgeous--just really transformed the room!
Thanks again,

My newly arrived summer cover in the smooth natural is, quite simply, perfect: perfect color, weight, size and style with highest quality stitchery and attention to detail (those corners are sublime).
Thank you.


I LOVE Tricia's linens having ordered mine a few months back.. I am using her linens as much as I can and look forward to having more for the bed and table.. they are truly exquisitely well made and wear beautifully. Can't say enough. I've seen where she works and Tricia is truly an American Original in every sense. Very creative and gracious to boot!
Kit Golson

I am delighted! The wonderful summer cover arrived yesterday and I love it! Gosh, it's so perfect for our home. I will take some photos this weekend and do a special post next week. Thanks you so much, I am one lucky lady! Deborah

I love my Linens from Trish. I started off with one sheet, and now my bed will be complete after I order my bed skirt., My husband also loves sleeping in these sheets. The most luxurious sheets ever!

I have the tablecloth (specially made for my giant table), the bedskirt, and a zillion napkins. I love the quality of the fabric that is beautifully made. I look forward to having more for my bed!

Beauty in simplicity, colour, weave and texture, just stunning.

My dream is to cover every bed and window with your linen.

I have purchased several pieces. All beautifully made. Best linen bedding ever!

Your work is so beautiful. I want it to have the feel only linen can offer. Thank you for your creativity!

I can't even tell you how thrilled I am to find these products!! AND... NOT made in China! The quality looks wonderful (and my husband agreed...he loved the simplicity of the look)

I adore my Orkney linen bedding so much and cannot wait to order more from you, brilliant Tricia!

bisous et felicitations en avance!

I'm thrilled with my sheets! I travel often to Italy on business and years ago I used to stay at the Grand Hotel et de Milan. How wonderful it was to stagger off an overnight flight all jet lagged and then slip into bed around into the cool, crisp linen sheets there! I feel like I now have the very same sheets in my own apartment!

I have an older set of Restoration Hardware's vintage washed linen sheets and these are so much nicer. Thanks for what you do...

Hello Tricia

I wanted you to see your beautiful white Orkney shams and bolsters.  With your suggestion, our bed looks and feels inviting and restful without being over the top.  My husband said it made him want to crawl in and I gave him the "I just made it" look.

The Orkney linen is amazing and I find myself admiring the weave every time I pick up a pillow.  The white buttons are perfect and give it a tailored look.
I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful workmanship. 

I certainly cannot thank you enough for exchanging the shams from natural to white.  You went an extra mile to ensure a customer was happy with your linens.  I am very grateful and would give you hug if you were here right now!

Thank you for all of your extra work, emails, and beautiful linens. 
Sincerely, Carol Bowe

photo by Carol Bowe


Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new Pillow Slip - I've been eyeing linen bedding for a while now, and a good friend suggested I start with a pillow case to see how I like it.  I love it!  It just keeps getting softer every night.  My husband is usually hard to convince to spend money on anything, but he loves my pillow case so much that whenever I'm out of town he steals it!  We're saving up for a whole bed makeover.

Thank you!


Hi Tricia,

I am even more in love (I don't use that lightly) with my sheets than I was when I first got them. My husband, too.   It brings me joy just to walk into my room and see them.  And that is before I even get to curl up in them. xo, Rita 

I absolutely love my newest smooth linen natural sheets.  The color is amazing!  I now have a white and a natural set, enough for my lifetime and perhaps my daughter’s too. 

It’s hot here in Casa Grande, AZ and I now intend on the white set being my summer set and the natural my winter set.  No need for anything besides a small throw over the bed in the middle of winter. 

The linen is precisely as you state, cool in summer and warm in winter???  How can that be?  Don’t know but it works for me. 

I would love to send you pictures as I recently redid my bedroom and master bath, however, I am the worst ever at photography so it just won’t happen, but if you are ever in the Sonoran Desert stop by and have a look, you’ll love it.

Thanks so much, Tricia!. Wonderful material! 

By the way, we've been sleeping on our lovely linen sheets for a while now. We just love them! The feeling is so decadent. Soft yet textured. People often times ask me what it's like...they assume it must be scratchy. I try to explain it, but all I can ever come up with is that they are really soft but also textured.

I also love the history behind linen. The craftsmanship. The multitude of uses. The romanticism of a bygone era. The casual elegance of it. I feel like I'm sleeping in what we were meant to sleep in! And, of course, it's best sans clothing :)

Thanks so much for making such a beautiful, timeless classic! ~ Liz

Tricia, Just ordered the king duvet.

I love sleeping on/in this fabric more than I could ever imagine.  With your urging, I tuck in my white sheet with those incredible military corners that my grandmother taught me how to make!  Then I throw the summer cover over the top. At night, I pull half the summer cover over me and use it like a duffle bag!  Bed making has never been so easy!

Thank you ever so much! ~ Kathleen

Hi Tricia,

First I want to tell you how much I love the king simple pillow slip that I ordered from you.  I love how you designed it so that the pillow can't be seen (and doesn't come out!) but there are still two flaps on the end.  My husband was even impressed and that doesn't happen often with things like this! Thanks so much!!  ~ Lori

Hello Tricia,

I adore my new pinafore! Slipped into it the minute the post mistress placed the box in my hands and have not taken it off!

Thank you thank you thank you!

I am an an artist and I have a feeling every last one of my friends may be writing to you soon!
All best to you! ~ Barbara

My granddaughter Josephine just burst into the house helping Papa carry the mail.  Amidst all of it was a package from California.

I tore into the tissue wrapped packages searching frantically for my pinafore.  Of course it was at the bottom of the box.  Tricia you are a linen genius!  The bread bags, the linen sachets, the generous sized towels so cool.  But that pinafore is "the cat's meow".  (No generation since my parents' have coined a better more descriptive phrase.)

I am the messiest cook ever.  Actually messy with about everything I do and I hate aprons that tie when I'm on the move.  You mentioned wearing yours to lunch recently.  If I'm any judge I'm going to need more than one of these.  

Thanks for such a great idea.  Bet it didn't occur to you, but now if I'm wearing my Orkney pinafore I can recline on my bed and no one will see me.  I'll blend in completely with my Orkney duvet. ~ Jeanette

Hi Tricia, First I want to tell you how much I love the king simple pillow slip that I ordered from you.
I love how you designed it so that the pillow can't be seen (and doesn't come out!) but there are still two flaps on the end.
My husband was even impressed and that doesn't happen often with things like this!
Thanks so much!!

duvet cover orkney
Love It!
They got it totally right. No superfluous tricks or over embellishments. The natural characteristics of the fabric say everything. Well done! ~ Abel Villarreal

To: Rough Linen <tricia@roughlinen.com>
Subject: YOU are a genius!

I dearly love my bed makeover!It's been a joke in our family how often I have changed linens and quilts etc. over the years. They won't laugh any more! It was this I was looking for to look beautiful and cover me in luxury. Linen has always been my favorite material as long as I can remember. I can now wear it during the day and sleep on it every evening.

My first night of contentment I slept in until 8:30 am! I am always up by 6:00. The minute I crawled under the duvet the evening before I felt as if I were exactly where I wanted and needed to be. I know I sound a bit off-center, but these linens are what I have searched for at least ten years!


Hi Tricia,

Thank you for your prompt delivery of the duvet cover which arrived yesterday. I honestly don't want to wax lyrical (!) but I absolutely love it; it's beautiful!!
Expect many more orders in the future and in the meantime I wish you continued success with your business. It's so difficult to find beautiful quality, workmanship and passion; so many of the big brands imitate but your product has a soul.
Good luck and thank you!!

Best wishes,

There was a lovely early spring light on Saturday morning....
so I thought I would snap a quick photo for you.

I love my bed.  

I just love it.  

Thanks so much for what you do.


From Tricia Rose's description of her ordeal in finding the perfect white linen sheet I suspect these are the sheets I have been looking for - for what? Twenty years? Longer?

The only ones I have even found that I like are Italian hotel sheets. Congratulations to Tricia and Rough Linen for figuring out one of the most gaping holes in contemporary retail bedding. I just ordered a set and am sending this link to all my friends. Wow!

Congratulations and best wishes. And THANK YOU! And thank you Remodelista for the tip. You made my day.

posted by Maria Nation on 02/26/2011 at 06:31 am

I too have looked for years for linen sheets. Seeing your post, I immediately ordered everything--duvet, sheets, shams. They arrived last week and are beyond gorgeous. I could not be more pleased. In addition, Tricia went out of her way to make a item that she doesn't normally make, just because. Amazing.

posted by Joy Phillips on 03/24/2011 at 08:35 am

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