Orkney Natural linen duvet cover - made from the linen that started it all. The Orkney Natural duvet is my first product - I sleep under it every night.
Elemental ... timeless, plain, natural linen woven on traditional single-width looms,  three pieces joined with with minimum seams.
The fabric begins with its own clean, crisp texture, softening with wear and washing to a silvery sheen.
The plainest of buttons, white or coconut shell brown.

Orkney White duvet cover - The same Orkney fabric bleached, so it has the slubs and texture, but not the subtle natural colour - it's a soft creamy white. Choice of white or brown buttons.

Tricia talks about Orkney fabric How to stuff a duvet cover Choosing an infill
They got it totally right. No superfluous tricks or over embellishments. The natural characteristics of the fabric say everything. Well done! ~ Abel

From Hampton H. Sometimes you take a chance on something, and it works out incredibly well. This is one of those things. I bought the Orkney duvet cover and 2 slips (to check out whether I'd want sheets), and I love them. Just freaking love them. I get in bed and run my hands over the cover and think, "You did a good thing here."
The infill fits perfectly and stays in place, even without securing it with clips or ties. It softens the room (mainly deep grays and steel and blacks). Needless to say, just a week after it arrived, I've ordered more slips and sheets.
I am thrilled to get into bed and loath to leave it, and it's become a dating criterion (I would cut loose a potential partner before I cut loose this linen).

Hi Tricia - I never wrote to let you know how much I LOVE my bed linens - so beautifully made and luxurious to sleep on! I actually kept them folded and tied for a couple of months because I couldn't bear to use them - I'm over that! I am totally smitten with your products - Thank you for making them! Deb

So simple, yet very elegant. I've never had anything linen before except clothes, which I love. So to have such a luxurious duvet cover and shams makes me very happy!! Next order will be sheets, then extra pillow covers! One of everything please! Kathleen .

Richard Ostell's Rough Linen Orkney duvet cover and bedskirt
I had forgotten how much I loved linen, but Richard Ostell, a respected fashion and home designer, reminded me. The shots were from his home in Westchester County, N.Y. Rough woven linens graced his tables, windows and bed like a pure sigh of relief.
I got him on the phone.
“I’m calling to talk about our mutual love of linen,” I said, breaking Rule No. 1 in journalism: Never show your bias.
“I’m not a fan of superfluous detail,” he said, in a British accent that oozed refinement. “I’d much rather have something plain. Linen is honest, simple, humble, durable and has an element of having been touched by human hands.”
The former creative director for Liz Claiborne, Ostell now has his own furniture and product design company. His work, whether in fashion or furnishings, reflects style that doesn’t scream. His home whispers, “I am here to comfort, not impress.” It’s a mantra more homes should adopt.
“Linen is this great-looking fabric, so why don’t we use it more?” I ask.
“I’m puzzled by that, as well,” he said. “Possibly because it’s naturally rumpled look gave it a reputation for being too casual. It got pigeonholed, but it can be very sophisticated. I think a lot of people don’t understand what they can do with it.”
“I think it’s the ironing,” I say. “All that pressing and starching. Who has time?”
“I never iron linen,” he says.
“It defeats the point of it. The rumpled look is part of its beauty. I love it right when it comes out of the dryer fluffy. I don’t think people should think it looks messy. It should be left as it is.

from Marni Jameson's syndicated column - more here

Striped orkney natural and white duvet cover with smooth white simple pillow slips with orkney shams and bolster
Love this amazing linen. Keep the dream alive, Tricia
Helen, Nambucca Heads, Australia
Orkney duvet with white buttons Orkney duvet with coconut brown buttons
I received my duvet cover and pillow slips this afternoon. I washed them and dried them by air (it was a warm evening) and have been lounging in them tonight. They are absolutely wonderful.

I fell in love with linen sheets on a voyage through in Sicily last year.They were used in many of my small hotels and I was so surprised how much more I enjoyed sleeping in linen over plain cotton.

I managed to find a queen fitted sheet and two pillow cases in Italy, but no duvet cover or shams. So thank you for bringing me a little bit of Sicily here in SF! Now my bed is completely in linen and I am plum pleased. Thanks so much!
Warmest regards, ~ Maia

The duvet cover is magnificent - I love it and can't thank you enough. it was immediately christinend by our 5# poodle/terrier who stole a corn cob which was twice the size of him, hah. What's great, is how forgiving Rough Linen is; the color along with the texture was no less for wear.

Plus, I have a husband whom I have to strategically place anything of beauty as he's like a bull in a china shop - not with this duvet cover, thank you for making such a beautiful piece of art that I get to use and enjoy with him.

Your crafstmanship and artistic abilities put FUN into Functional - this is one keepsake that I'll get to enjoy in my daily life and handdown after I'm gone (not like damn Waterford that just sits, or gets used once a year; maybe I should start using it daily, hummm...

I'd love to slip cover my world with your Rough Linen!
Thanks again, ~ Deb

Tricia - I have been trying to convince myself to do a whole linen makeover. One question: can a duvet cover be made that is 98x98? I have a brand new comforter that I love, but it's that odd size. Thank you for keeping linen alive and lovely. ~ Hampton

Yes Hampton, I can make a cover for that size. Just order a Cal-king, and put the dimensions into the notes - it is too small an adjustment to warrant a custom charge. The cover will be a few inches smaller than the infill to keep it nice and plump. ~ Tricia

Tricia - The Orkney duvet cover and pillowcases arrived today. The cover fits perfectly - easy as heck to stuff (the video helped), and sized just right to plump and stay in place.
It's 11:30pm and I just woke up, because, as soon as the order arrived, I skipped out of work early, went home, put them on the bed with no sheets, hopped in just to get a quick feel, and promptly fell soundly asleep for 5 solid hours on the case and under the cover.
It's quickly become apparent to me that I'm going to have to order the sheets, too. ~ Hampton

My duvet cover is freakin' out of this world! As are all the Rough Linen products I have tried. I love how the duvet sits so perfectly inside the Orkney cover; no shifting at all! I basically blew my yearly vacation budget on a whack of Rough Linen and I can honestly say that i do not regret it-at all. Getting into bed every night is a little piece of heaven, but getting out each morning is hell! ~ Kat, Tottenhan, Ontario

Hi Tricia - I never wrote to let you know how much I LOVE my bed linens - so beautifully made and luxurious to sleep on! I actually kept them folded and tied for a couple of months because I couldn't bear to use them - I'm over that! I am ordering another pinafore, but in a larger size this time. I wear the one I already own several times a week when I am home. I am totally smitten with your products - Thank you for making them! Deb. Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Perfect for the Sydney weather and great quality. Highly recommended. Thanks for the online shopping pleasure, your products are addictive, and especially so when postage takes less than a week! ~ Jennie Girdham of Sydney, Australia

I bought the duvet cover along with a sheet and two pillow slips. I don't usually splurge on things like bedclothes, but I am so glad that when I finally did, I did on these! I dream of my bed all day, and I pause to just look at it whenever I walk through the bedroom. It's a true aesthetic experience. Thank you so much for making such beautiful stuff! ~ Anon. of Seattle, Washington

The Orkney duvet cover is as wonderful as described. It was promptly shipped and came beautifully wrapped. I can't decide what to order next!! ~ Nancy of Omaha, Nebraska