Cocktail napkins at their best when you are handing round oysters, or other tiny delicious things, way better than paper (for one thing they don't disintegrate when damp).

This is just about the only thing I iron - because they look so crisp and seemly when I do.

smooth natural linen cocktail napkins
smooth white linen cocktail napkins
From Anon of New Haven, Connecticut on 7/14/2013.
Just what I have been looking for!

From Anonymous of new york, New York on 4/26/2013.
Easy to iron and they look terrific. I plan on getting more!

From Lynn of Rose Bay, Nova Scotia on 1/22/2013.
The cocktail napkins in smooth white with the raw edge are so attractive!! BEAUTIFUL!

Hello Tricia, I love the napkins and plan to order more. Here's a staged photo for you! At this hour in the East Coast there's only water in the julep cup.

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